April 15, 2014
Opponents carve anti-pipeline message into field - The Washington Post

My respects to Nebraska’s activists and artists who have made their statement with the world’s largest crop art installation. 

April 15, 2014


The first full moon of Spring.



The first full moon of Spring.

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April 10, 2014
At What Cost? Food Hubs, Walmart, and Local Food – ASAP Connections

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" For food hub proponents, food hubs “are the solution both to scaling up local food and ensuring its integrity.” The food hub approach aims to achieve volume through the aggregation of product from many small and mid-sized farms. Big retailers need large quantities of product, and they want to do business with a few, large suppliers. Local food, produced by smaller farms, can’t meet this need individually. The solution – pool production.

The problem with this line of reasoning is in the misunderstanding of how volume producers (and retailers) make money. It confuses scale with volume. Large producers specialize and spread out their fixed costs over large quantities of production – making profits of pennies on the pound but producing many, many pounds. Aggregating production from small producers cannot achieve the same result. Small volume producers can’t produce profitably on pennies per pound – they just don’t produce enough pounds. So food hubs might, by aggregating, achieve volume, but they rarely achieve scale. Food hubs need to pay their smaller scale producers more, particularly food hubs with environmental or social justice goals, but they still must compete in markets where price is determined by large scale production.”

This is just two paragraphs of a brief insightful essay co-authored with the Director of one of the oldest food advocacy groups and a recent Ph.D. “ASAP” stands for the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. 

April 7, 2014

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April 3, 2014
This Obscure Ag Rule Could Hurt Your Favorite Craft Brewery


Ouch. Few things are more fearsome that the public servant who seeks to do good. For me, the most distressing thing about this is FDA is proposing a solution to a possibly non-existent problem. I applaud precautionary and preventive measures when it is shown that they are effective. It is very difficult to prove effectiveness when the available data indicate… well, nothing. // It is also well to remember that this is the same FDA that assesses the quality of double blind pharmaceutical studies. 

A statement from the Brewer’s Association, the trade association for craft brewers, can be found here

An article by Dan Flynn today in Food Safety News provides some additional insight from the perspective of agricultural politics. Colorado is home to a lot of craft brewers, as well as Coors, and home to a “lot” of cattle feeders (pun intended).  Under current business models these serve as complimentary industries. Also in Colorado Democratic Senator Mark Udall is in a tough re-election campaign against Republican Representative Cory Gardner. Udall has stepped forward and asked the FDA to suspend rulemaking on this until they perform a risk assessment. Gardner meanwhile represents a number of cattle feeders. Will this be a case where partisan adversaries come together on common policy. 

Not holding my breath. 

One final thing: that’s a great stock photo of feeding cattle that accompanied the TakePart article. Pity they couldn’t get one of cattle eating spent brewer’s grains.

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April 2, 2014

filet mignon with porcini mushroom compound butter.

Midway through Lent, and THIS lands on my dashboard.


filet mignon with porcini mushroom compound butter.

Midway through Lent, and THIS lands on my dashboard.

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April 1, 2014
Caribou Clear Coffee

What wonders! What timing!

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March 29, 2014


Watch the first five seconds of this campaign ad.

Lt. Col. Joni Ernst is a candidate for U.S. Senator in Iowa, and was recently endorsed by former Alaska Governor and political commentator Sarah Palin.

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March 28, 2014
What Stop-and-Frisk Means to the Descendants of Slaves - Theodore R. Johnson - The Atlantic

Off topic, but it matters. If you want an on-topic tie-in, remember the sordid history of the USDA in delivering services to black and white farmers in Mississippi as late as the 1970s.

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March 27, 2014
reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

Why not?

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