April 9, 2012
Colbert: The Beefstate Governors

Reason just can’t top the Colbert Report. I think that we’ve lost the lean, finely textured beef (LFTB) skirmishes for now. Just when I wanted to run “pink slime” on the menu. 

March 30, 2012
Governors to tour plant where 'pink slime' is made

Meat processors have a lot to answer for. This shouldn’t be one of them.

In the absence of hard information to the contrary I’m in favor of “pink slime,” more correctly referred to as “lean, finely textured beef.” A number of major grocery chains have within the past week discontinued carrying beef products improved with this all-beef addition, presumably in response to public insistence. (I think that the grocery industry actively opposed source labeling and has been mostly silent on GMO labeling, both very popular concepts.)   This article, speaking mostly to regional economic impacts, by Ms. Kristi Eaton writing for the AP is the first balanced piece I’ve read since the national hysteria started.  

It seems that a number of people find the product “disgusting,” suggesting an irrational, emotional response probably engendered by the term “slime.” (Full disclosure: I also like, and sometimes make, sausage.)  Food safety, however, would be a perfectly rational to oppose the product. Does anyone know where food technologists stand on the use of gaseous ammonium hydroxide in this application?

(undated file photo provided to AP by Beef Products, Inc., one of the processors of lean, finely textured beef.)

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